one of the most-asked questions at glitter & grit is where to find bridesmaids dresses that aren't a nightmare of crappy fabric or provided with terrible customer service... a lot of people end up at david's for their bridesmaids because it makes things easy when your ladies are spread out all over the country. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. seriously. there ARE other options! since i have no immediate plans for offering bridesmaids dresses in my little shop, i thought i might send you in the right direction.

first up is bella bridesmaid. with over 40 locations around the country - and growing - you can easily choose dresses for your friends to check out in their area. bella bridesmaid was created to fill the overwhelming need for chic, stylish, and wearable bridesmaids dresses. with collections including joanna august, jenny yoo, and ivy & aster, your 'maids will be able to select a beautiful, modern dress to wear as they stand beside you on your big day. what i really love is that this is a store catering specifically to your bridal party, so you won't be sifting through prom dresses to find more appropriate options. visit bridget at pittsburgh's location to check out the selection!

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next, i want to share something truly awesome with you. let's all just admit that pretty much no matter how much you want your friends to find something that they're so comfortable with, they'll actually wear it again, it's pretty rare that, in fact, happens. i'm not saying never-ever, but most of us love the excuse to buy something new to wear to each event we attend! {guilty. so very, very guilty.} so let's be real and give your bridesmaids a change to borrow their dresses for your wedding. what!?! little borrowed dress is awesomesauce. browse their online collection and email, tweet or pin your favorites to get your party’s opinion.  bonus: order a free fabric swatch to ensure a perfect color match! double-whammy-bonus: they'll include a second size with every rental - free of charge, just in case!
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and lastly? free-for-all's are pretty damn good. if you truly want your ladies to wear their dresses again, get rid of the label. shop out of the box. it totally works... i asked my gals to select something that was in one of the colors that we were using to decorate; and left the rest up to them. and they looked awesome.
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