i have  a confession: i found planning my wedding to be an incredibly isolating experience.

being an introvert, i'm very much not comfortable with being the center of attention - and that includes things WAY before standing in front of our friends and family last june. it's hard for me to talk about myself or even, good god, asking OTHER people to talk about me - even my very, very nearest and dearest.

i didn't want my wedding plans to dominate conversations with my best friends or family, and so i held back and held in a lot of what was on my mind - making me feel pretty alone, even when i knew i was doing it to myself! of course my besties would have gabbed for hours about every last detail if i asked them to! and rob (my now-husband) would have indulged me, but all he was really concerned with was the act of getting married to me, and maybe the food {wink, wink}. knowing that, i didn't want to "burden" him with talks of flowers, hair accessories, and table arrangements.

photo by hot metal studio
in retrospect, of course, all of that up ^ there ^ is pure crazytalk.

but, i've been thinking... i can't be the only person in the midst of wedding planning to have felt that way. as i want my shop to be a safe space for those that aren't necessarily the typical bride, i want to create a safe space online for those of you who might feel a little like i did: wary of over-sharing, obsessing or complaining too much try, or "burdening" the people in your life with your wedding planning. let's just acknowledge that  feeling that way is a little ridiculous, but totally. freaking. normal. and then do something about it.

i present you with {drum roll, pleeeeeease} :

the glitter & grit gathering: a safe space for gabbing, gloating, and griping about all things wedding.

here you can ask for advice, recommend vendors, and discuss details. you can talk traditions - honoring or bucking - and blow off steam about having to make decisions about so many tiny things that you can barely see straight
. you can admit that working out has now come second to hand-making your decorations, share tips for writing your own vows... the list goes on!  and i'll be there too, contributing in any way i can to help you shine your brightest and making sure that it remains a safe and useful place in your pre-wedding life.

here's what you get when you join the glitter & grit gathering:

  • an online extension of the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the brick-and-mortar store, that is open to all lifestyles and wedding concepts; this is a no-judgement zone!
  • access to a private members-only facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, and reclaim romance with other brides - and grooms! - to- be.
  • personal encouragement to make your wedding your own, and advice and support to help you do so, from yours truly
  • tips, tricks, and resources catered to your specific wedding ideas and needs

So, join me - and let's reclaim romance together!

Have questions
about the Gathering? Ask away in the comments, or shoot me an email at [email protected]