"What kind of shoes would you wear with this dress?"

I hear it a lot... and honestly, my answer will vary depending on your wedding location, theme, and colors, as well as your own personal style. If you walk in wearing the cutest Vans sneakers, planning your rustic barn wedding, I'm probably not going to suggest four-inch stilettos to you - unless you explicitly mention them before me. There are so many great options out further, and I'm an advocate for wearing whatever you want!

But today, a bride brought these shoes (below) in with her, and I LOVED them. 
Well - hers were a different color, but when I saw them in watermelon, I simply couldn't resist.
Emma Go - Juliette in Watermelon
I was so inspired by these sparkly beauties, I thought maybe I should share some of my favorite shoe options with you...  {click on each image to shop from their source}

**Please keep in mind the following: I was a barefoot bride. I thought I was going to have a blast finding an awesome pair or statement shoes, and then I remembered that I kinda-sorta hate shoes, and take mine off at every chance I get. I had always said that I would get married barefoot, in the woods. So, while I was technically in a clearing, I was outside, so opted to go shoeless. In summation, most importantly: do YOU.

(as if I haven't said that enough already...)
Sychelles Nimbus
I had found these kick ass Sychelles T-straps in black for myself via Anthropologie (ugh, I LOVE T-straps!), and then saw they were available in Neutral. Urban-terrace-garden-party perfect.
Seychelles Portrait Heels
Also Seychelles, these offer a more stable, slightly shorter heel. But just as much sass.

Speaking of Seychelles... they're what I recommend the most to my brides. They're insanely comfortable, and very reasonably priced for the quality with which they are made. So here are a few more great options from them:
Seychelles shoes
Clockwise, from top left: Most Likely, Gypsy, Turning Point, and Twirl
I'm a strong advocate of  flats, metallics as neutrals, and bold colors in wedding shoes!

I also strongly suggest wedges for anyone dealing with grass on their wedding day. Here in Pittsburgh, we don't have a lot of places to go when looking for fancy shoes, but Nordstrom is tried and true. Here are some options from there:
J. Renne
J. Renne "Chrissy"
Carolinna Espinosa
Carolinna Espinosa "Collins"
Pelle Moda
Pelle Moda "Windy"
Lastly, don't forget about all of the online options! A lot of brides order a selection through Zappos VIP (free shipping and returns!) and keep only the shoes that are a perfect fit. You can find a collection of shoes by Betsy Johnson ("Blue by Betsy Johnson") that are really fun, among - well, I'm sure you know - infinite other options!
Clockwise, from top left: Wed, Joy, Gown, Mesh

What kind of shoes are you rocking for your wedding? Share in the comments!
Sunshine! Warm weather! Fun parties!

I'm feeling inspired by the actual, final arrival of Spring... This little collection of Etsy finds features the Arlee by Whitney Deal, available at Glitter & Grit; a perfect find for your modern museum wedding, bringing in bright pops of color and geometric shapes, to play off of the bodice details on the dress. You could even play with this idea - and dress - for your shower!
Arlee by Whitney Deal, available at Glitter & Grit * geometric bib necklace by Boo and Boo Factory
needle felt bouquet by Fairyfolk Weddings
swizzle sticks by French Knot Studios * gold pinata by Confetti Ln
LOVE sign by Red Cedar Woodcraft * heart magnet favors by Lovelyfest Goods
invitation suite by upup * Aria belt by Camilla Christine, available at Glitter & Grit
Geo Curtain by French Knot Studios
i'm so very, very excited to share with you the first glitter & grit bride, lauren! lauren was so much fun when she and her mom first came to visit glitter & grit; i just knew she was destined to have a joyous and beautiful wedding - and the pictures easily confirmed that hunch.

she and david were married at the gorgeous omni bedford springs resort in bedford, pa on september 22nd. lauren looked simply stunning in her Nicole Miller dress and Camilla Christine sash, both from glitter & grit. scroll down to see photos and more details from the bride, herself!

all photos are courtesy of the wonderfully talented kelsey kradel.
q: when you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
a: i knew i was looking for a lace dress that was both beautiful and regal but i also wanted dress that was elegantly simple, comfortable, and one that i could receive within a short time frame! i knew the Nicole Miller Aneka was "the one" the second i tried it on because it encompassed everything that i was looking for in a wedding dress! additionally, the gorgeous Megan sash by Camilla Christine instantly added a hint of glitz and pizazz that solidified the whole look!
q: what was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
a: my husband had a huge smile (and he has the best smile!)! kelsey kradel, our photographer, caught our "first look" perfectly! it was such a special moment; we were so excited to be married soon after we first saw each other.
q: tell us your favorite thing about david...
a: there are too many to count - it's hard to pick just one! aside from his loyalty, integrity, and quick-witted humor, i adore how he is so family oriented; he is already is an amazing husband and I know he will be an incredible father one day too. i truly feel so grateful to be married to someone who i admire so much and who is also my best friend.
q: did you incorporate any traditions into your day?
a: we did! we had had a traditional Jewish ceremony where we were married under a chuppa, signed a ketubah, and had a "breaking-of-the-glass". the chuppa symbolizes the home that we plan to create together; the ketubah is our "marriage contract" which also served as our vows to each other; and "breaking-of-the-glass" represents that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected.
q: please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
a: over our morning coffee before before all of the primping started, my husband gave me a beautifully handwritten card. it set the tone to our absolutely perfect wedding day.
q: would you do anything differently, if you had to do it all again?
a: there is really nothing i would do differently except get married sooner!! perhaps i should have worn a veil but at the time a single orchid seemed just right.
thank you so much for sharing, lauren! best wishes - and continue to shine brightly!
it's no secret that i'm obsessed with stars... i mean, look around you - they're all over! i thought it would be a good place to start with the sharing and -hopefully- regular blogging. why the stars, you ask? they're the most romantic thing i know, and they have the power to make a person feel both grand and insignificant at the same time.

years ago, when we were just friends, my husband and i spent a night talking under the stars, about the stars, in the stars (in each others' eyes). that was the night i knew things were about to change between us.  later, when we weren't living in the same city, i'd look to the stars when i felt lonely and know that we were connected. sometimes, we'd talk on the phone, both outside, under the same stars and almost feel like we were together. romantic, i tell you!

but enough about me. without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, i present some glittery, glimmery inspirations:
wishing tree by simply mad weddings * ASHi studio gown via snippet & ink *  stars and capiz globe via ruffled
steven khalil gown via white magazine * starry night cake by countryside baking company via the knot
starry night tablescape via the frosted petticoat * brown-eyed girl dress by upoppy available at glitter & grit
love glitter via style me pretty * one-of-a-kind vivian jewelry set by vintage vixen available at glitter & grit
glitter branches via  the glitter guide * constellation crown by giant dwarf  * guilt mirror by koket
i love the idea of a wishing tree as an alternative to the traditional guest book! guests take an ornament home with them and in its place on the tree, leave the newlyweds a wish or blessing. what other creative alternatives to a guest book have you seen at weddings?
so... here's the thing: i'm on a mission.

a mission to be as transparent with you, my friends and clients, as possible.
to be open and honest with you about who I am, and how glitter & grit does business.
to remain true to myself while i plunge into the world of fashion and the wedding industry; two places that can certainly make you question your integrity and self-worth.

i'm also - most importantly - on a mission to help YOU stay authentic as you go through the whirlwind of wedding planning, and to make sure you're shining as brightly as only you can on your wedding day.

i don't think that i can succeed in my mission if we, as women, aren't all holding each other accountable, being truthful with each other, and making conscious decisions to change the wedding industry "standards." so, let's make a pact, okay? let's promise to be real, to try as hard as we can to love ourselves - as we are - so that everyone else can have the chance to love the best of us. let's celebrate each other (i'm talking all ladies; not just the two of us!) and empower one another to be amazing, to love openly, to sparkle brightly.

pinky swear?
here's MY glitter & grit: a fancy dress, and filthy feet. there is no better summation of who i am. photo by hot metal studio