Tricia and her lively - but sweet - crew visited Glitter & Grit after a Steeler's game one wintery Sunday evening in January.... so it came as no surprise that her wedding was speckled with black and gold, and Terrible Towels made an appearance!  She and Chuck were married at the West End - Elliot Overlook Park, on what looked like an absolutely perfect day in joom. Tricia chose a simple yet unique UPOPPY dress that fit her personality and really let her shine for her wedding day. 

all images courtesy of East End Photo House 
When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
 For me, shopping for clothes is basically a nightmare. I was not looking forward to trying on dresses. Thankfully, I took the long way home from work one day and spotted Glitter & Grit out my window and new I'd find what I wanted there. When I tried on my dress, I knew it was the one I'd get married in because it made me feel perfect. For once I didn't feel self-conscious in what I was wearing, and it made me feel beautiful. I didn't have that tear-filled "This is the one!" moment that most people expect to have. Instead I felt calm, confident, and it just felt "right".
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
He looked pretty shocked, but in a good way. We had a nice moment together during our first look. He kept telling me how beautiful I looked all day.
Please tell us your favorite thing about Chuck...
My favorite thing about Chuck is that he is my exact opposite. He's very calm and understanding, never has a bad thing to say about anybody, and never complains. He loves me despite my obsession with conspiracy theories, my habit of throwing my pillows on the floor in the middle of the night and trying to steal his, my questionable taste in music, and my penchant for bringing home stray animals. He's also incredibly supportive and always tries to let me know that no matter how crazy an idea I have is, that he's 100% confident that I can pull it off.
Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
Our wedding was very non-traditional. Our best friend officiated for us, and after we kissed and started walking down the aisle, we blasted Renegade by STYX while everyone waved custom-made terrible towels. For our meal we had a BBQ, and our DJ was a Spotify playlist that the entire wedding party collaborated on. We had a corn-hole tournament, and instead of tossing my bouquet I tossed a football.
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
The most memorable moment for me was during our pre-wedding photo shoot. We decided to park downtown and walk all the way to Heinz Field where our limo would pick us up to take us all to the venue. It was a pretty hot day so we were drinking lots and lots of water. By the time we got to our pick-up location, I had to use the restroom. Bad. Luckily I saw a security officer walking the perimeter of Heinz Feild and somehow convinced him to help me get into the stadium to use the bathroom. On my way out, the employees in the stadium at the time all started clapping and cheering me on. It was pretty great. I guess all it takes is a fancy dress and a smile to get you into a secure facility.
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
My advice to other brides would be to just let it happen. Plan as much as you can and accept help when it is offered. But on your wedding day, just throw your plans out the window and let the day unfold as it will. Be present. Have fun. Nothing else really matters.
With an unassuming facade in a quiet corner of Point Breeze, you'd really never expect to find such a simply beautiful wedding venue as PointBreezeway... This urban cottage takes you to a faraway place the moment you step inside, and has everything you need for an intimate, home-style wedding. There's a sweet little garden outside for your ceremony, and just the right amount of room for a casual reception. 

When I finally made my way to visit the owner, Lauren, there for the first time, I had recently returned from a nice little vacation exploring New Orleans. I walked through the door at PointBreezeway and instantly felt swept back there - such history and eclectic charm is hard to find around Pittsburgh these days! Take a peek at this magical little place, and hear more about it from Lauren herself, below:
When did you enter the wedding industry? What made you want to do so?
Funny enough, I’ve always dabbled in the wedding industry. I have spent time as a Wedding Planner’s Assistant, Bridal Consultant and I even did makeup in the past. As far as weddings at PointBreezeway…it just made sense. My husband and I got married there in 2013 and that sealed the deal. I knew it was a hidden gem for weddings and so far…I’ve been right!

What was your most glittering moment in your business?
 - Actually it’s quite romantic. It was a cold, Pittsburgh blizzard kind of morning on Valentines Day of 2013. I attended a breakfast series at Chatham and left completely inspired. I (slowly) drove over to PointBreezeway and verbally committed to moving forward with my ideas. The following week I had a banker, lawyer and an accountant. I’m so proud that I just went for it.
PointBreezeway, Pittsburgh PA {Kelly Adrienne Photography}
photo courtesy of Kelly Adrienne Photography
What's your grit?
PointBreezeway is my childhood home. My passion for this place is unshakable. I offer a venue with the warmest comforts of home... a space with a rich history that makes you feel like you’re in another part of the country…or world!

What is your favorite part of what you do? 
Don’t get me wrong…I love hosting the events but the most exciting part is welcoming folks in for the first time. Sometimes I get overconfident and say ‘it’s the best place in the world…isn’t it?!’ In that moment…they can’t help but agree.
Please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry. 
- Easy. First, my dad kissing me on the cheek on opening day while saying “you really did it”. That memory is tucked in my back pocket. More recently, showcasing PointBreeeway in a photo shoot. It was such an awesome experience for me to see my little space in action. I got excited about every photo.

Please describe your ideal client.
Our layout is beyond unique and therefore your wedding will be too! Our space is ideal for those who are just itching to celebrate in an offbeat, urban fashion. Those who want every comfort of a home-style wedding while enjoying the beauty of Point Breeze. Our clients seem to love simplicity…and so do we!
Gritty Details
Established: July 20, 2014 - Opening day!
Price range: Weddings start at $1,500 for a 7hr block 
Amenities / inclusions or options:
   *Day-of Coordinator availabble
   *On-site Non-denominational Officiant available
   *A mix of tables and chairs included for up to 75 guests
   *Wireless Speakers and access to lots o’ fun music stations
   *The PointBreezeway GuestHouse sits next door for overnights
Location: Beautifully located in Point Breeze, a few blocks from the Frick Art and Historical
Instagram and Twitter: @pointbreezeway
PointBreezeway, Pittsburgh PA {Hometahn Photos}
photo courtesy of Hometahn Photos
And ^ there's Lauren! ^ Thanks so much for sharing this amazing space with Pittsburgh, lady.

Oh! And if your wedding is a larger affair, keep PointBreezeway in mind for other wedding-related events; it's just perfect for engagement parties, showers, rehearsal dinners - the possibilities are endless! 
Earlier this year, I was pretty excited when the dress selected for this awesome urban styled shoot at the Heinz History Center was one of my very favorites, Peony by Wai Ching! With a fantastic team of vendors, our beautiful city, and gorgeous weather, the results were everything I had hoped for - and more.  Credits for these amazing details go to:

   * Peony by Wai Ching  and Tessa Kim veil from Glitter & Grit, modeled by Emily Stuart (along with the handsomely bearded James Schilling)
   * Photography by Rodger Obley
   * Hair + makeup by Marissa Julin
   * Styling by Soiree by Souleret
   * Rentals by All Occations
   * Linens by Mosaic
   * Flowers by Tulpe Studio at Pisarcik Greenhouses
   * Stationary by Nota Bene Fine Papers
   * Cake by Sugar 'n Spires 

All photos courtesy of Rodger Obley Photography
I love nothing more than when wedding photos that truly reflect all the love and emotion of the day, and Lauren and Curtis' do just that... and THEN some! Lauren was such a sweet, laid-back bride to work with, so I can only imagine how great of a person Curtis must be. They were married at The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh on October 11th, with a reception at the always dynamic Carnegie Museum of Art. Such beautiful backdrops and such full emotion makes it hard to narrow down which photos of their day to share with you!

all images courtesy of
Ryan Zarichnak

When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
- I tried on dresses three times before coming to Glitter and Grit. Each time I left feeling unsure that I would be able to find something timeless, modern and even remotely comfortable. When I tried on my dress I was overwhelmed by how right everything was. I felt confident and more importantly like a bride. It was the only dress I tried on the I could see myself getting married in!
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
- We did a "first look" before the ceremony and his reaction was an amazing mix of surprise and love. He said he thought I looked beautiful and the dress was just perfect.
Please tell us your favorite thing about Curtis...
- Everything!...But really he is the kindest, most loving person and has a way of balancing me out no matter what the situation is.
Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
- My hair piece was made out of a part of my mom's wedding dress. And I had a sixpence on my shoe, that my older sister had at her wedding. I also used spider plants in my bouquet and centerpieces which mimicked the flowers at my parents wedding.
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
- Having a first look was absolutely wonderful! It gave us some quiet "us" time away from the chaos of the day and refocus on why we were getting married. It was also really great to sit back during the reception and just kind of watch and see our families interacting and coming together and having a great time!
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
- Try to pick a couple of things that are really important to you as a couple and focus on planning those, but try not to get lost or overwhelmed in tons of details. Remember it is about sharing your vows in front of friends and family.
Lisa quickly became one of my favorite brides to work with, if only because she couldn't resist coming back to visit her dress, over and over! She kept apologizing but I must admit that I grew rather fond of having a "regular."  Lisa chose a very unique dress by Pennsylvania designer, UPOPPY, and paired it with a Tessa Kim sash, both from Glitter & Grit.
She was also my first Glitter & Grit bride to get married at a place very dear to my heart, the Succop Conservancy (now Succop Nature Park) - where I was also married, just over two years ago. Her energy and excitement for her wedding was palpable and it clearly carried through their entire day, as well. 

all photos courtesy of Too Much Awesomeness
When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
- I wanted a dress that was both modern and had a vintage feel, that made me feel sexy and cool but also classy, something that had unique detail but was also felt classic. The whole time I was dress shopping or even looking at dresses in magazines I never found anything that had all of those qualities and started to think maybe it was just too much for one dress. UPOPPY's Love Me dress was the last one I tried on at Glitter and Grit and it blew anything else I had seen out of the water. Also my little sister as no poker face, if something looks even slightly off you can see it all over her face. I walked out in the dress and she said "AWWWWWW!!" and that confirmed everything I thought.
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
- I think he was happy that I looked like me, that the dress fit my style, and he was also very happy it wasn't strapless. He said that the style is what he would have picked, but that all the details of it added so much more than he could have thought of.
Please tell us your favorite thing about Nick...
- Nick is just the best person I know hands down. My favorite thing about him is his personality and his character.
Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
- We did dances and speeches but we left out some of the other traditional practices like something borrowed, something blue, etc. and the garter and bouquet toss. We just felt we'd rather put money/time/energy into different activities at the wedding that felt more like us. Like cornhole and a selfie station! After the ceremony we did drive off in a 1929 Ford Model A with cans tied to the back!
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
- The vows portion of our ceremony was pretty memorable to me. We wrote our own and did not exchange any part of them until the ceremony. I knew Nick was nervous about it and the week before the wedding I almost changed my mind and reverted to repeating more traditional vows. But in the last few days we both pulled it together and got over the writers block, and I'm so glad we did. It was amazing and very personal to hear what he had written and I hope vice versa.
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
- Just remember it's your wedding, but it's just a wedding. Try to remember what's really important on the day of.
Thank you for sharing, Lisa - and great, big, congratulations to you and Nick!!
Having personally experienced the light that IS Natalie, it came as no surprise to me that her wedding photos simply radiate love.  She looked stunning in the Aneka by Nicole Miller, paired with Camilla Christine's Letitia veil, both from Glitter & Grit.  Natalie and Amir were married on May 24th at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort. Enjoy these gorgeous photos, and hear a little more from the bride herself below.

all photos courtesy of Craig Photography

When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
- My mom's face! she said, "That is the one". I felt comfortable, sexy, and happy in my dress, and that's how I knew that it was the one.
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
- He looked content. He was smiling so big and he told me later that I couldn't have picked a better dress!
Please share your favorite thing about Amir...
- Amir is a constant inspiration. He is motivated, funny, humble, brilliant, and kind to others. He inspires me to aim for those same attributes.

id you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
- Amir is Iranian so we had The Sofreh Aghd, a Persian wedding spread symbolizing fertility, wealth, sweetness, happiness, etc in a marriage. Amir's mom led the traditional spread after our ceremony. It was so beautiful!
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
- Dancing with our family and friends! I was so sweaty by the end of the night because I focused on spending as much time and energy as possible dancing and laughing with everyone there.
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
- The wedding is not about a big show or production. If you are doing it right, you are having a wedding to celebrate a beautiful unity and joining together two families for life. So kick back, relax, and laugh your way through it, embracing every single moment. It's not worth it to take yourself too seriously ;)
I've been shouting it from the rooftops, so I'm sure you know by now that this last weekend marked my one-year anniversary. Done with the sappy gratitude posts, I thought I'd put together this little infographic to share some of the fun facts about Glitter & Grit brides in the first year. Enjoy!!
There was no question; when Amy tried on the Aneka by Nicole Miller, she had found her dress. Not only did it look slamming on her, she was suddenly just aglow. You simply can't ignore that! I love that her photographer managed to capture that glow, and that Amy and Mike are willing to share them with us! They were married at Friendship Community Church, with an awesome reception at the Washington County Fairgrounds!

Clearly, the Aneka is a big hit at Glitter & Grit, and it's absolutely clear why:
Keep on reading for a little more from Amy!

All photographs courtesy of Christopher Gooden
When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
- I knew going into dress shopping that I wanted a very romantic looking all lace dress.  When I put the Nicole Miller dress on, I loved how it hugged all my curves, the key hole back and the romantic look of it. 
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
- When I was walking down the aisle, Mike was biting his lip out of nervousness, but he later told me how beautiful I looked.
Please tell us your favorite thing about Mike...
- When you meet Mike, he has a way of making you feel like you've known each other for years.  He has an infectious smile and makes everyone around him happy.  He's very easy going and just a great person.
Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
- For my something old and blue, I attached my Grandma Ella's rosary, which is very old and blue.  It also made me feel like I had a part of her with me.
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
- Aside from marrying Mike, it was my younger brother Dan walking me down the aisle.  He's eight years younger than me, but as we've gotten older, he has become very much the "man" of our family, and our protector.  Having him walk beside me and give me away to Mike was the second best thing that happened that day, the first was marrying my love.
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
- Try not and be so stressed.  Every woman wants the perfect day, but if something doesn't go exactly as planned, remember that you have one goal, and if at the end of the day, you are married, then you had the perfect day!
I'm super excited to share this wedding with you... Keirah was my first Wai Ching bride, which as you may know, is very near and dear to my heart, because I also rocked a Wai Ching dress on my wedding day. Keirah is incredibly sweet and laid-back, and it was such a pleasure getting to help her find the perfect dress! She wore the Prism dress, paired with the Novella sash by Tessa Kim. I think you can tell from these photos how her smile lights up the room.

Kierah and Matt were married at Le Mont on Mt. Washington (gah, the views!!) in March.
Keep reading to hear a little from the bride...

All photos are courtesy of Joe Appel Photography.
q. When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?

a. I tried on several lovely pieces, but felt more like I was wearing someone else's dress.  As soon as I put on THE dress, I felt like myself - just a more sophisticated, "beautified" version - as though it was meant for me to wear on my wedding.  I have to give credit to my mom as she pick it out!
q. What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?

a. The huge grin and expression on Matt's face as I walked down the aisle spoke volumes.
q. Please share your favorite thing about Matt!

a. My favorite things about Matt are his calm, zen like demeanor, his sincerity and the genuine love he shows for his family and and friends.  He also has great taste in funk music *wink* !
q. Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?

a. It was a fairly non-traditional affair - although, I did wear something borrowed (my mom's pearls), blue (toenail polish), old (my grandmother's wedding ring) and new (my dress).
q. Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.

a. Too many memorable moments to describe! Topping the list would have to be the moments immediately following the ceremony.  Matt and I were taken to a private room and able to spend a few minutes alone laughing and celebrating and toasting our marriage.
q. Do you have any special advice for future brides?

a. Keep it simple!
Congratulations, and thanks so much for sharing, Kierah & Matt. Looks like it was a fun celebration!
From what little I know about the photography world, Mandy Fierens is technically a little new on the scene... from looking at her pictures, you'd think she's been doing this for a full lifetime already. I love how she perfectly captures those *moments* that you barely even realize are happening at the time, but will truly cherish forever. She's also possibly the sweetest person you'll ever meet.*
   *do I say that about all of my star vendors? Well, it's TRUE!

My favorite thing about Mandy is her passion for what she does, and her love of all things creative. I feel like that really shows through her images! Keep reading to hear more from this star photographer.

When did you enter the wedding industry? What made you want to do so?
-I started to get involved in the wedding industry 5 years ago. I was very interested in how I could make a living pursuing photography, so I second shot for anyone who would have me! I learned so much from second shooting, and grew to love photographing weddings. After second shooting solely for a few years I would shoot a wedding here and there alone, but never thought about making it real.

My dear friend Veronica Varos is the one who really inspired me to pursue photography full time. I was at a crossroads after leaving a fashion job of three years, but not ready for another draining full time job. It was perfect timing for me, and I am so happy I took the leap. I am ecstatic to say I that photography pays all of my bills now and I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE what I do.
What was your most glittering moment in your business?
- I received an amazing e-mail from a photographer who I look up to. She told me that my work "spoke to her". I almost died. It is such an honor having anyone tell you that, but from a fellow photographer who is insanely talented it basically blew my mind. It may or may not be on my wall next to my computer. ;)
What's your grit; what sets you apart?
- I think having a fashion and modeling background has allowed me to have a unique twist in the Pittsburgh market. I am and always will be very detail oriented. As for my specialty I think it would be non-traditional and destination weddings. I try to stay away from photographing the same traditional weddings over and over again, I create the best product when I am not re-doing things. I like to challenge myself. A passion of mine is travel, so anytime a couple wants me to fly outside of my city I am thrilled.
What is your favorite part of what you do?
- All of it. I know it seems everyone says that. But seriously, I love the whole process. I love to help my couples so they have the best day of their lives! Being a small part of their big day is so magical.

Please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry.
It is truly difficult to share only one. But I must say it is the BEST feeling in the world when my clients trust me. To have someone believe in your work and your creative process is such a unbelievable feeling. But one thing I am known for is climbing in bushes, and putting my body into odd positions to get "the shot".
Please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you, what's your style/niche?
- My clients are fun, creative, and unique individuals. A lot of the times my brides are interested in personal style, and sometimes they don't even know it! All of my brides get brownie points if they get their dress from Glitter & Grit! ;) I am a documentary photographer first and an editorial photographer second. I capture things as they happen, but if I see a client is uncomfortable I will assist.

Gritty details
2010 (weddings)
Price range:
$3,280-$6,500 also the option of $2,200 for 5 hours of coverage.
Inclusions or options:
Engagement sessions, elopements, portrait sessions, albums and assorted prints
Location / travel boundaries:
Pittsburgh, PA. Available for (would love to) travel world-wide.