so... here's the thing: i'm on a mission.

a mission to be as transparent with you, my friends and clients, as possible.
to be open and honest with you about who I am, and how glitter & grit does business.
to remain true to myself while i plunge into the world of fashion and the wedding industry; two places that can certainly make you question your integrity and self-worth.

i'm also - most importantly - on a mission to help YOU stay authentic as you go through the whirlwind of wedding planning, and to make sure you're shining as brightly as only you can on your wedding day.

i don't think that i can succeed in my mission if we, as women, aren't all holding each other accountable, being truthful with each other, and making conscious decisions to change the wedding industry "standards." so, let's make a pact, okay? let's promise to be real, to try as hard as we can to love ourselves - as we are - so that everyone else can have the chance to love the best of us. let's celebrate each other (i'm talking all ladies; not just the two of us!) and empower one another to be amazing, to love openly, to sparkle brightly.

pinky swear?
here's MY glitter & grit: a fancy dress, and filthy feet. there is no better summation of who i am. photo by hot metal studio


Kate Stoltzfus
06/11/2013 7:50pm

This is fantastic, Erin! I wish your store had existed when I was looking for my dress... I love the ethos of Glitter and Grit and I know Pittsburgh weddings are about to get very, very awesome thanks to you!

Nathan J Shaulis link
06/11/2013 8:01pm

I love it! The wedding "industry" needs this more than ever. Each wedding should be the most honest celebration of the love between two people, not a collection of compromises and lesser-of-two-evils decisions. Sam and I wish you all the very best, and can't wait to see what awesome things you'll do!

Veronica Varos link
06/12/2013 12:18am

I absolutely love this post, Erin! Your vision and desire for transparency with your clients is so fresh in the wedding world. You're bound to change the game!

Nicole Jarock
06/12/2013 12:42am

This is beautiful, Erin! Very excited for you and for the women who will get to know you. You surely are made of stars.

Love this post, and the heart-felt commitment behind it. It will communicate at a meaningful level.
06/13/2013 5:20pm

03/07/2015 8:47pm

I love your mission, and your shop, and your attitude towards life and fashion. Thank you for helping me find my dream dress. It was a great experience and it has set the tone for the rest of this experience. Xoxo


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