in may, i had the distinct pleasure of working with carmel of mt. lebanon floral on a photo shoot that included some of the dresses available at glitter & grit. i had the easy part of just showing up with the gowns, but carmel was one of the visionary planners, and holy cow, was i blown away! all of the arrangements that day, including some stunner floral crowns, were absolutely breathtaking, there. if you're seeking a forward-thinking florist to help make your wedding day beautiful, i highly recommend mt. lebanon floral. and now, for some words from carmel, herself...
when did you enter the wedding industry?
- Over 20 years ago!  

what was your most shining moment in your business?
- That would be 9 years ago when I bought Mt. Lebanon Floral, after working here for 12 years. This year's glittering moment would be winning the ISES Exhibition of Elements contest, with "A Midsummer Night's Dream", an interpretation of the element Earth created along with Rania's Catering and other important vendors in the industry. Ever since, we are a proud member of the International Special Events Society (ISES) chapter in Pittsburgh.  
what's your grit? what sets you apart? 
- As a designer I continue to educate myself, by taking classes around the country and internationally. Classes are a way to refresh and improve myself with trends, techniques and product, making our design distinctive.  

what is your favorite part of what you do?
- Every day is different! I let each day lead me into new endeavors. Sometimes, I just let flowers lead me and spend the day creating. Lately, creating and collaborating with other mindlike vendors has become an important part of what I do. Just like the "Bohemian Fantasy" we staged with Erin (Glitter and Grit), Veronica Varos (Photography), Ansley Esterline (Bliss Events), Rania Harris (Rania's Catering), Ed Amori (Lendable Linens), and my staff at Iron Eden, John Walter's art shop, located under the Bloomfield bridge. Pictures coming soon! Also making floral head wreaths is becoming my obsession!  
please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry.
- I have been following designer Paula Pryke since I got into the industry. Her design has been very inspiring, and having the opportunity to meet her and attending her class in London, UK was absolutely my most adventorus moment.  

please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you?
- My ideal client is someone who wants to leave a mark, make a statement. Someone open, who after introducing her background, taste, ideas and likes, would let me create the perfect floral work for her special day. Let me run with it... you will get so much more from me that way.  
gritty details:  
established when: Mt. Lebanon Floral has been in business for 58 years.
prince range: $$-$$$ Budget friendly.
offerings: Full floral design services for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, prom, and other every day and             special occassions.
location/ Travel boundaries: From home events and barns to modern and elegant venues, in Pittsburgh greater area     and a little off road (Case by case).
phone: 412-561-2500
facebook Page: Mt.LeboFloral
twitter: @mtlebofloral
pinterest:  MtLebanon Floral


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