i'm just a little partial to today's star vendor, hot metal studio... they were the photographers for my wedding! i simply obsessed over their work, and then fell in love with their personalities. tif and jonathan (the cutie-patootie wife & husband team) really helped us feel relaxed and accommodated our every whim, including a drive up the road to the nearby alpaca farm for a few phenomenal shots! i'll let tif tell you a little about them...
when did you enter the wedding industry? what made you want to do so?
-Whoops, by accident?  We like to take pictures and shot a friends wedding for free.  It kind of snowballed from there. (we found out there were free cookies, so that sealed the deal)

what was your most glittering moment in your business (what are you most proud of)?
-Man that's hard.  Each wedding has a few of these moments in it.  It's really an ongoing thing.

what's your grit? what sets you apart?
-We love a unique wedding, and we're a bit unique ourselves.  

what is your favorite part of what you do?
-People!!! We've got a passion for loving on people, whether through photos or in life. 
please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry. -One time, Jonathan had a fist full of sparklers thrown at his crotch by a drunk wedding goer.  That was memorable. 

please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you, what's your style/niche?
-Oh this is a good one.  We love personality and especially when it shines through your wedding.  We do this almost every weekend and couples are always surprising us with something amazing.  

gritty details:
established: 2009
price range: $350-$4000
amenities / inclusions or options: Full Res images with every wedding. Albums and prints available
location / travel boundaries: to infinity and beyond
website: hotmetalstudio.com
phone: 724.493.2691
facebook: www.facebook.com/hotmetalstudio
instagram: hotmetalstudio_tif

oh, and one last thing? you've got to check out their "about us" video; it's the best thing ever.


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