so, you need alterations for your wedding dress? i have just the seamstress for you.

i heard about jen rocket long before i finally met her, and it was ALL good. instantly upon meeting her, i knew why. she's sweet, professional, and seriously talented. she gets involved in lots of cool projects that show her diversity and open-mindedness. here's some more about her, from the lady herself:
when did you enter the wedding industry? what made you want to do so?
-February 2012 I decided I wanted to work for myself like my mother did. I had 10+ years sewing professionally, honing my skills, and building my studio I felt ready for the challenge. So I opened up my studio to the public via my website and social media with the help of my wonderful husband/business manager Joey Rocket -and voila!

what was your most glittering moment in your business?
-I have these moments often. When a bride has her final fitting, there is a moment when she is glowing, and everything else disappears as she looks at herself in my mirror. I can tell that, for the first time, her dream dress has come to life and she is ready to go down the isle. That moment is why I do what I do.

what's your grit / what sets you apart?
-What sets me apart is intimate, personal attention. I am able to give each bride individual attention during their fitting, because it is just the two of us. I enjoy working with the bride on every detail of her gown to ensure that she has the absolute best results.
what is your favorite part of what you do?
-I am so happy to be able to work with so many beautiful gowns! I get to go inside them, see how they work and tweak them until they are perfect. I also find that many of my clientele are somehow fitted to my personality. I am sure word of mouth has something to do with that.

please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry.
-I did an upcycle of a mother's 1981 Alfred Angelo gown for her daughter. It was very involved, and we had such a fun time with each fitting. She brought her family with her most times, and it was like a party in my studio. There was a moment when she put on the almost final version of the gown, and her grandmother smiled for the first time since her husband had passed. It was very special to be part of that. 

please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you?
-I enjoy creative people.  When someone comes to me with a vision--something that others would think impossible, but they have faith that it can be done, I love the challenge. We have tons of fun working together, sketching, and hashing out the idea. When I break out my stash of fabrics, trims, appliques etc. we go nuts!
gritty details:
established: February 2012
price range: Alterations start at $100, custom gowns start at $900 (see the project agreement pdf on the about me             page of my website). Alterations include basic sizing and hem work, reworking parts or whole gowns, and upcycling     vintage gowns.
amenities / inclusions or options: Personal attention. A commitment to your happiness and satisfaction.
Location / travel boundaries: Highland Park area; 5620 Callowhill Street #2, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. I do limited house         calls; call to check.
phone: 412.862.5459
twitter: @jenrocketstudio 
facebook: Jen Rocket Sewing/Design Studio
instagram: Jen Rocket



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