hello friends! i've been a little quiet on the blog lately but i'm going to spend november refocusing on connecting with you here. so first, here's a new series: "so tell me," where i answer, in greater detail, some of the more common questions that i hear that are not addressed on the faq page.

since this month is packed full with trunk shows, i thought i'd tell you a little more about what, exactly, a trunk show is... and p.s. you're totally not expected to already know. none of us have actually been shopping for our wedding dresses for years, so being unfamiliar with phrases and terms and events is more than okay!

the full 2014 Elizabeth Dye collection during the trunk show at Glitter & Grit

alright, so. the phrase "trunk show" goes back to when vendors traveled with their wares in a trunk to present to buyers. because boutiques often don't have the space or resources to buy an entire collection, a trunk show creates an opportunity for customers to view - and purchase from - the full collection. additionally, it gives the shop an opportunity to gauge the interest of their clients before fully committing to the line.

occasionally, the designer will travel with their collection, to be present at the trunk show to meet the clients and answer questions about their designs. also, there will often be an accompanying discount available on orders placed during the trunk show. both of these factors vary, based on the designer, but may be a little extra incentive to attend and purchase during the show!

the fun selection of dresses during the Janay A Handmade trunk show at Glitter & Grit {photo by Nicole Jarock Photography}

there are so many win opportunities to scheduling your appointment during a trunk show: exclusive access to the full collection by a specific designer, opportunity to meet the designer, discounted prices, and the chance to influence the future offerings of the shop. it's a great way to make your wedding dress shopping even more exciting.

you can see the upcoming scheduled shows over here - and don't forget to book your private appointment!


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