i'm so very, very excited to share with you the first glitter & grit bride, lauren! lauren was so much fun when she and her mom first came to visit glitter & grit; i just knew she was destined to have a joyous and beautiful wedding - and the pictures easily confirmed that hunch.

she and david were married at the gorgeous omni bedford springs resort in bedford, pa on september 22nd. lauren looked simply stunning in her Nicole Miller dress and Camilla Christine sash, both from glitter & grit. scroll down to see photos and more details from the bride, herself!

all photos are courtesy of the wonderfully talented kelsey kradel.
q: when you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
a: i knew i was looking for a lace dress that was both beautiful and regal but i also wanted dress that was elegantly simple, comfortable, and one that i could receive within a short time frame! i knew the Nicole Miller Aneka was "the one" the second i tried it on because it encompassed everything that i was looking for in a wedding dress! additionally, the gorgeous Megan sash by Camilla Christine instantly added a hint of glitz and pizazz that solidified the whole look!
q: what was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
a: my husband had a huge smile (and he has the best smile!)! kelsey kradel, our photographer, caught our "first look" perfectly! it was such a special moment; we were so excited to be married soon after we first saw each other.
q: tell us your favorite thing about david...
a: there are too many to count - it's hard to pick just one! aside from his loyalty, integrity, and quick-witted humor, i adore how he is so family oriented; he is already is an amazing husband and I know he will be an incredible father one day too. i truly feel so grateful to be married to someone who i admire so much and who is also my best friend.
q: did you incorporate any traditions into your day?
a: we did! we had had a traditional Jewish ceremony where we were married under a chuppa, signed a ketubah, and had a "breaking-of-the-glass". the chuppa symbolizes the home that we plan to create together; the ketubah is our "marriage contract" which also served as our vows to each other; and "breaking-of-the-glass" represents that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected.
q: please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
a: over our morning coffee before before all of the primping started, my husband gave me a beautifully handwritten card. it set the tone to our absolutely perfect wedding day.
q: would you do anything differently, if you had to do it all again?
a: there is really nothing i would do differently except get married sooner!! perhaps i should have worn a veil but at the time a single orchid seemed just right.
thank you so much for sharing, lauren! best wishes - and continue to shine brightly!


Anja link
12/14/2013 3:14pm

These fotos look amazing - good luck to the bride and her family.


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