i'll give you two guesses what inspired this post. and you shouldn't need both of them!

it's been COLD. we all know that. inspired by frosted windows, weird super-cold dry snow, and the lindsay by nicole miller (available at glitter & grit), here's a little icy "white wedding" etsy collection. enjoy! and stay warm...
Lindsay by Nicole Miller from Glitter & Grit, photo by Nicole Jarock
lindsay by nicole miller, captured by nicole jarock
frosty little bridesmaids dresses by ouma
back drop necklace by chrysanth * lace robe by tessa kim * head wreath by the yellow peony
cake topper by oh dier living
distressed white mason jars by the roche shop * assorted silver straws by the pretty party shoppe


Sarah Joy McKenzie link
01/27/2014 9:02am

Gorgeous! I especially love the trio of pastel bridesmaids dresses and the back drop necklace!


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