so. you know how i keep talking about that first styled shoot that i did? i'm finally sharing some of the images from that amazing collaboration! this shoot took place at iron eden, which was a truly magical location and an absolutely perfect backdrop for glitter & grit's introduction to the world.

one last time, i'd like to thank everyone involved: veronica varos photography, - and her assistant mandy fierens, mt. lebanon floral, bliss events, ltd., the drop-dead models, lyra and aubrey, iron eden for the use of their space, ceaser's designs for the stunning jewelry, rania harris for the cake, lendable linens, ads lighting, and more than words fine papers...

and now for the eye candy!! i'll just let the photos speak for themselves....
{all images courtesy of veronica varos, of course!}
there's MORE after the break!



Mandy link
01/06/2014 9:01pm

This day was a dream come true! Minus the heat of course. ;) The photos are amazing, so glad we could all be brought together for it. <3

Anna link
01/11/2014 4:05pm

My compliments for the great photos. I love the many details in the pictures and wish the married couple the best success.


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