i'm often asked how i came up with the name for my store. the short answer is: a long brainstorming session with my sister.  this session occurred on her facebook wall, so there's actually a record of this insane event (well, most of it).

want a very real peek into the minds of two loopy gals, drunk on possibility? keep reading.

{a few notes first: the beginning of this conversation is lost in space, but the full explanation on my about page can give you good enough background. also, i'm leaving all typos, swearing, and music, film, and book references as they are. oh - and? this is really long. sorry, kids.}
photo by nicole jarock
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Heaven and Earth??

Yes- better. But "??" means not quite there (for you). What about going into it a little more subtle... Stars and Stones. Stars and Dust (haha).The Moon and the Tide. Fire and Ice. Leather and Lace. Haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaha. Remember: brainstorming is UNFETTERED.

Grosssssss (and, it - Leather & Lace - already exists)... I was going for the "Earth" piece. Blargh. MY brainstorming is NOT unfettered.

You might miss some good shit dude. You know, after the real trash is purged. Just sayin. Oh. Earth. I get it.


hmmmm. green and white...


(something will come of this, I swear. Liike knowing for sure you've come up with what you really want, cause it ain't my idea)

i just don't have anyone else to brainstorm with - and i need a bouncee...

I keep coming around to expressions of solidarity that are strong to me. Salt of the earth, Someone being A Rock... Permanence. Integrity. What about green and permanent, rather than green and ethereal (you hopeless romantic, you)?

i think i'm going for things that are needed... so, probably, in my twisted head, earth is also ethereal. no wait. i mean that i'm talking dirt more than green. which is probably incorrect! it's not ALL going to be green - so i don't want to box myself in. what do you need to get married? you need something to wear and ___. i think that's what i'm going for

and the right match. I'm thesaurusing.

or - where you came from and where you're going... origins and ___ (oop - no "s")

Scratch that. Word is wimpy. We need strong words here. You need a driver's license and 30 bucks. Hahaha!!! a partner

now i'm back to symbolism. this is bad.

here is the juncture where we coin the perfect word for your companion. it's not bad at all. you gotta just write down 10,000 words. It will come. Or read some Clive Barker for some good ethereal vocab/inspiration. But no holds barred. dust on the stars.

hmmm... grit and romance. What says that practical and romeo & juliet and GOES togehter...

stardust? or: star dust

Earthly kisses. Yeah. Star Dust. There may be a reason you’re obsessed. People just name their shops whatever they like. I think it can ALL ride on your tagline.

(Earthly Kisses is a All Natural line of Body products; may be officially taken or something)

It makes me sing k d lang anyway. Heaven and earth was bad too. I have a problem.

Yup and Leather and Lace.

when I try to turn it around and think of a good song title, i can only think of Stevie's "signed sealed delivered" song that that pretty boy with the grin sang with his band that one time.

Ooooh so pretty. (p.s. what girl wouldn't want to say, "I own Stardust!")

to think i wasn't sure you'd remember. me of little faith.

i *once* knew his name... he was so smiley!

have you perused your voluminous cd collection for lyrics? if not, i'm coming over.

Good golly, no. And please do.

everything from the cure to ray lamontagne is potentially relevant here. and you have actual cds. with actual jackets. is "at last" taken? (which segues into "finally! it's happened to me right in front of my face..." what is WRONG with me??????)

1. Too obvious? 2. DEAR. GOD. But yeah, I was going to say: probably don't really even need to get into lyrics; a song title hit it before...
{ten years ago, my sister and i almost opened a bakery. almost. but we DID name it.}

yeah. i know. (sheepish face. no emoticon.)

sorry. you probably have a life. and things to do.

can you help me bat my eyelashes? i dont have a life. and i wanna bat my eyelashes dammit. i'm waiting for mom to call anyway. and as long as i let tobias chew on my face and pull my hair, he's cool.
{tobias is my nephew; then somewhere around 8 months old, and apparently into chewing faces}


Terra Stardust

Head in the clouds; feet on the ground. EFF. ASTRAL. zomg duh. (that might be too far...) All of this? Says I was right the first time. No more second-guessing!

or, Astral Weeks. Don't stop. Perhaps it should just be a word play thing. like the one that earned me Widezilla.   {widezilla was somehow what we decided to call my sister instead of my bridesmaid. because i really don't like that word.}

Widezilla never would have happened without both of us. So. I DO need you.

grounde]d rom
(to= dry)
N8evermi\nd tobias is too 7involved in the typiong      
grounded+.... An9cored romance

Oooh... hmmm. Grounded romance? I like grounded.

I do too. what's another word for romance?

Shit, I like romance, too. Just not for my business name... might be too gushy? Affair. Amour. Enchantment.

oooooo- romance also means "story." to get married, one does need a story. and everbuddy's got one

Fairy tale.


Oh, shit. THAT… could go everywhere.

Your fabled wedding. yes. it could. this is fun. Your Story

Now we're getting book-y. I was heading towards legend & lore.

Okay. I love the word lore


practical magic. SORRY!

snort. okay, okay... more dirt! more sparkle!

What about chasing the urban legend of the lasting marriage...?

go on...

i dig urban grit. you are practical, modern, green, realistic, hopelessly romantic, hip, dreamy... idealistic. your romance and eco and stardust are idealistic, but you have a tangible, dirty, "urban" way to accomplish it all. urban legend....


or metro dreamscicle


(creeeeeeaaaaak) i need some grease for my synapses pronto

That's what we're doing...

retro fairy tale. (not quite) "as you wish"

OH BOY. THAT could be good!

except you would always have to say it as if you were rolling down a hill

As you Wish: Dallas Wedding & Event planning


(and photographer. and stationary. and pottery.... etc)


okay we're heading towards widezilla!! keep going!!

i for the life of me can think of no other love stories besides the princess bride (overplayed) and romeo and juliet (overplayed. and- um- it didn't work out). i don't need love story, I need beauty. ready: go. The Fall

Oi. Vey,

(I see lots of flowy dreamy fabric against a stark landscape) Where was I before that?  ideals and city drips. christmas!

okay now you've lost it...



hey. i went ice skating for my wedding for a reason. what about fairy tales vs daydreams

Sparkle and grit

do it

Grit: 1. abrasive particles or granules, as of sand or other small, coarse impurities found in the air, food, water, etc. / 2. firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck

um. YES.  I retire. i like sparkle and grit to the point of obsession.

for realz? sparkle & grit = stardust. wtf, brain. (Baseball article headline: "The Trail Of A Star -- All Sparkle And Grit")

yes. it has all the elements of EVERYTHING. legends, magic, stardust... integrity, groundedness, real shit... and dichotomy, balance, and love.

Hm. I think you covered it all...

in a word, "marriage" ha!

Can I accept owning a business in the wedding industry with the word "sparkle" in the name? Also, does my tagline work with that? <-- because that's the second-most important part, and I am VERY attached to it.

it may open your target market just a scotch, to pay the bills. hell- you didn't say tittie-glitter. and the point is that your tagline carries it all- no matter what you call it. So stardust is fine. But "Stars and Dust" would capture this thing you're talking about better. and i think you'd struggle more with the word dust in your business name.

Dust, worse than grit?

yes, because of dusty. besides, i find sparkle to be a word i use for christmas lights and luminaries, not overdone wedding shit

Hmm. Yeah.

If you separate it to "Stars and Dust," it sounds like an antique store. a gross one. See!! I knew you'd get me there!

I *LOVE* sparkle and grit. but it's your baby. sleep on it.

Fo sho.

{ *********the next day*********}

Glitter and Grit

Oh yeah?

? I guess that was a question. Also, Rob's response to "grit" is "breakfast."

Is Rob in the market for a wedding dress? He would. In a way, glitter and grit is tidier. And it makes me think of tinkerbell which is good. Years ago I wanted to have everyone join us on our wedding day "second star to the right and straight on till morning"... Perhaps it's no good that childhood, magic, and romance are all so deeply intertwined for me. Have you consulted someone more pragmatic? Oh yeah. Grits.

ASTRAEA: Latinized form of the Greek Αστραια (Astraia), derived from Greek αστηρ (aster) meaning "star". Astraea was a Greek goddess of justice and innocence. After wickedness took root in the world she left the earth and became the constellation Virgo. (I'm back to the drawing board...) ...maybe not: "Astræa's departure from the earth at the end of Saturn's reign was memorialized by Ovid in the Metamorphoses, 1.149–50. The English epic poet Edmund Spenser further embellished this myth at the opening of Book V of The Faerie Queene (1596), where he claims that Astræa left behind 'her groome | An yron man', called Talus." THAT's not a good association!

Eff it. It 's beautiful.

OOH - ("the star-maiden"). i mean that's another find under Astraea; not another name idea. Good Faith. : denotes sincere, honest intention or belief, regardless of the outcome of an action

*this is awesome.
{ * (after this long, a third party finally jumped in - and validated the decision)}

Care to chime in? I'm clearly having a rough time here!!

*I'm diggin the sparkle and grit or glitter and grit idea... the earthy girl who believes in the magic of love! I can see it now... the juxtaposition of natural reclaimed wood and beautiful whimsy.

Nail. On. Head.    

Picturephoto by joey kennedy

...and glitter & grit was born.

All stars are the result of a balance of forces."



Giovanni`s Restaurant link
05/07/2014 2:25am

That was a very brainstorming exercise you did for fixing glitter & grit name. I don't how many people on this earth put so many efforts for naming a store :)


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