From what little I know about the photography world, Mandy Fierens is technically a little new on the scene... from looking at her pictures, you'd think she's been doing this for a full lifetime already. I love how she perfectly captures those *moments* that you barely even realize are happening at the time, but will truly cherish forever. She's also possibly the sweetest person you'll ever meet.*
   *do I say that about all of my star vendors? Well, it's TRUE!

My favorite thing about Mandy is her passion for what she does, and her love of all things creative. I feel like that really shows through her images! Keep reading to hear more from this star photographer.

When did you enter the wedding industry? What made you want to do so?
-I started to get involved in the wedding industry 5 years ago. I was very interested in how I could make a living pursuing photography, so I second shot for anyone who would have me! I learned so much from second shooting, and grew to love photographing weddings. After second shooting solely for a few years I would shoot a wedding here and there alone, but never thought about making it real.

My dear friend Veronica Varos is the one who really inspired me to pursue photography full time. I was at a crossroads after leaving a fashion job of three years, but not ready for another draining full time job. It was perfect timing for me, and I am so happy I took the leap. I am ecstatic to say I that photography pays all of my bills now and I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE what I do.
What was your most glittering moment in your business?
- I received an amazing e-mail from a photographer who I look up to. She told me that my work "spoke to her". I almost died. It is such an honor having anyone tell you that, but from a fellow photographer who is insanely talented it basically blew my mind. It may or may not be on my wall next to my computer. ;)
What's your grit; what sets you apart?
- I think having a fashion and modeling background has allowed me to have a unique twist in the Pittsburgh market. I am and always will be very detail oriented. As for my specialty I think it would be non-traditional and destination weddings. I try to stay away from photographing the same traditional weddings over and over again, I create the best product when I am not re-doing things. I like to challenge myself. A passion of mine is travel, so anytime a couple wants me to fly outside of my city I am thrilled.
What is your favorite part of what you do?
- All of it. I know it seems everyone says that. But seriously, I love the whole process. I love to help my couples so they have the best day of their lives! Being a small part of their big day is so magical.

Please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry.
It is truly difficult to share only one. But I must say it is the BEST feeling in the world when my clients trust me. To have someone believe in your work and your creative process is such a unbelievable feeling. But one thing I am known for is climbing in bushes, and putting my body into odd positions to get "the shot".
Please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you, what's your style/niche?
- My clients are fun, creative, and unique individuals. A lot of the times my brides are interested in personal style, and sometimes they don't even know it! All of my brides get brownie points if they get their dress from Glitter & Grit! ;) I am a documentary photographer first and an editorial photographer second. I capture things as they happen, but if I see a client is uncomfortable I will assist.

Gritty details
2010 (weddings)
Price range:
$3,280-$6,500 also the option of $2,200 for 5 hours of coverage.
Inclusions or options:
Engagement sessions, elopements, portrait sessions, albums and assorted prints
Location / travel boundaries:
Pittsburgh, PA. Available for (would love to) travel world-wide.


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