Ask anyone, anywhere, in the wedding/bridal industry what the biggest trend in dresses is right now, and I guarantee it will involve the backs of dresses. Low back, no back, criss-crossy-strappy back, illusions with lace or beads and embroidery.... the list goes on. But one thing remains the same: you ladies like there to be some interesting detail on the back of your wedding dress. And who could blame you? With options like these around the market, who needs a train?!
clockwise from top: The Lady Vanishes by Elizabeth Dye, image by Mandy Fierens Photography; Willow by Janay A Handmade; Fin by Daughters of Simone; Elizabeth by Nicole Miller; Clara by Nicole Miller, image by Veronica Varos Photography; Helena by Elizabeth Dye
They're all gorgeous, right?!? Great, in theory, but one we're trying these dresses on, and thinking about spending a day in them, often, the question comes up: what kind of bra do I wear with this?

I hear it a lot. So I thought I'd round up some great options for you, because I don't see, or want, this trend going away any time soon!

Sometimes, if you're lucky, there's enough structure in the dress itself that cups or a bustier can be added directly to it, for support and/or shape. But what if that's not the case? A lot of these dresses with fabulous backs are loose and light, and you're left to fend for your ladies, yourself. The awesome part is that there are lots of great options, depending on your needs and the dress.
First up: there's a strap that you can attach to a bra that you already own, to make it wrap around your waist, and sit a little lower on your back. In the case of the Fin by Daughters of Simone, this may be all you need! How awesome would it be to wear your best, hardest-working bra that you already know and love on your wedding day? This option pictured here is by Nordstrom Intimates; similar items are available at Victoria's Secret, Kohl's, ASOS... um; just about anywhere!
So, those are all great if you can use straps on your bra on your wedding day... the chance of that? Pretty slim, sorry.

Now we need to look at low-back, strapless bras. Getting full support, with a low back and no straps, may be a little difficult, but the Dominique braselette could come in handy.
The next plan of attack is adhesive bras, which have really come a long way in the last few years! There are SO many options here. The U Plunge backless strapless bra is a great option that, because of the adhesive band, provides a good amount of support under your dress, plus you get the added bonus of  the plunging neckline. That makes this a great option for the Nicole Miller Clara or the Helena by Elizabeth Dye, both pictured above. Victoria's Secret also makes one of these.
And, lastly, when you just need a little bit of coverage, there are adhesive cups. For the Elizabeth Dye dress pictured above, The Lady Vanishes, this is a fantastic option; the open back and draped bodice of the dress make it basically impossible to even have the side-band adhesive bra without it being visible. From what I've heard, NuBra kills it with their push-up design, which at least keeps the girls together. There are many, many of these out there,depending on what you prefer!

And, of course, if you're comfortable flying free ( but want your photos to be nipple-free? Petals are the way to go.


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