"What kind of shoes would you wear with this dress?"

I hear it a lot... and honestly, my answer will vary depending on your wedding location, theme, and colors, as well as your own personal style. If you walk in wearing the cutest Vans sneakers, planning your rustic barn wedding, I'm probably not going to suggest four-inch stilettos to you - unless you explicitly mention them before me. There are so many great options out there, and I'm an advocate for wearing whatever you want!

But today, a bride brought these shoes (below) in with her, and I LOVED them. 
Well - hers were a different color, but when I saw them in watermelon, I simply couldn't resist.
Emma Go - Juliette in Watermelon
I was so inspired by these sparkly beauties, I thought maybe I should share some of my favorite shoe options with you...  {click on each image to shop from their source}

**Please keep in mind the following: I was a barefoot bride. I thought I was going to have a blast finding an awesome pair or statement shoes, and then I remembered that I kinda-sorta hate shoes, and take mine off at every chance I get. I had always said that I would get married barefoot, in the woods. So, while I was technically in a clearing, I was outside, so opted to go shoeless. In summation, most importantly: do YOU.

(as if I haven't said that enough already...)
Sychelles Nimbus
I had found these kick ass Sychelles T-straps in black for myself via Anthropologie (ugh, I LOVE T-straps!), and then saw they were available in Neutral. Urban-terrace-garden-party perfect.
Seychelles Portrait Heels
Also Seychelles, these offer a more stable, slightly shorter heel. But just as much sass.

Speaking of Seychelles... they're what I recommend the most to my brides. They're insanely comfortable, and very reasonably priced for the quality with which they are made. So here are a few more great options from them:
Seychelles shoes
Clockwise, from top left: Most Likely, Gypsy, Turning Point, and Twirl
I'm a strong advocate of  flats, metallics as neutrals, and bold colors in wedding shoes!

I also strongly suggest wedges for anyone dealing with grass on their wedding day. Here in Pittsburgh, we don't have a lot of places to go when looking for fancy shoes, but Nordstrom is tried and true. Here are some options from there:
J. Renne
J. Renne "Chrissy"
Carolinna Espinosa
Carolinna Espinosa "Collins"
Pelle Moda
Pelle Moda "Windy"
Lastly, don't forget about all of the online options! A lot of brides order a selection through Zappos VIP (free shipping and returns!) and keep only the shoes that are a perfect fit. You can find a collection of shoes by Betsy Johnson ("Blue by Betsy Johnson") that are really fun, among - well, I'm sure you know - infinite other options!
Clockwise, from top left: Wed, Joy, Gown, Mesh

What kind of shoes are you rocking for your wedding? Share in the comments!


Liz Tiberi
10/07/2014 4:48pm

Every day I want to go barefoot more and more on my wedding day! Hey, it's in my backyard! :) and I can't imagine wearing any shoes that will actually go with my Daughters of Simone - Dylan dress because it's just too beautiful!


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