Succop Conservancy Wedding: Lisa & Nick

Lisa quickly became one of my favorite brides to work with, if only because she couldn't resist coming back to visit her dress, over and over! She kept apologizing but I must admit that I grew rather fond of having a "regular."  Lisa chose a very unique dress by Pennsylvania designer, UPOPPY, and paired it with a Tessa Kim sash, both from Glitter & Grit.
She was also my first Glitter & Grit bride to get married at a place very dear to my heart, the Succop Conservancy (nowSuccop Nature Park) - where I was also married, just over two years ago. Her energy and excitement for her wedding was palpable and it clearly carried through their entire day, as well.  

all photos courtesy of Too Much Awesomeness

When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
I wanted a dress that was both modern and had a vintage feel, that made me feel sexy and cool but also classy, something that had unique detail but was also felt classic. The whole time I was dress shopping or even looking at dresses in magazines I never found anything that had all of those qualities and started to think maybe it was just too much for one dress. UPOPPY's Love Me dress was the last one I tried on at Glitter and Grit and it blew anything else I had seen out of the water. Also my little sister as no poker face, if something looks even slightly off you can see it all over her face. I walked out in the dress and she said "AWWWWWW!!" and that confirmed everything I thought. 

What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
I think he was happy that I looked like me, that the dress fit my style, and he was also very happy it wasn't strapless. He said that the style is what he would have picked, but that all the details of it added so much more than he could have thought of. 

Please tell us your favorite thing about Nick...
Nick is just the best person I know hands down. My favorite thing about him is his personality and his character. 

Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
We did dances and speeches but we left out some of the other traditional practices like something borrowed, something blue, etc. and the garter and bouquet toss. We just felt we'd rather put money/time/energy into different activities at the wedding that felt more like us. Like cornhole and a selfie station! After the ceremony we did drive off in a 1929 Ford Model A with cans tied to the back! 

Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
The vows portion of our ceremony was pretty memorable to me. We wrote our own and did not exchange any part of them until the ceremony. I knew Nick was nervous about it and the week before the wedding I almost changed my mind and reverted to repeating more traditional vows. But in the last few days we both pulled it together and got over the writers block, and I'm so glad we did. It was amazing and very personal to hear what he had written and I hope vice versa. 

Do you have any special advice for future brides?
Just remember it's your wedding, but it's just a wedding. Try to remember what's really important on the day of. 

Thank you for sharing, Lisa - and great, big, congratulations to you and Nick!!