Succop Nature Park Wedding: Nikki + Randy

Nikki visited Glitter & Grit while home from California for the holidays, on recommendation from a bridal boutique in LA (thank you!!). She is such a sweet, kind-hearted person, and I'm always excited when one of my brides gets married at the same venue I did. Nikki had a pretty clear idea of the relaxed, vintage vibe that she wanted for the day, and we all knew that Elizabeth Dye's Siren was it, as soon as she put it on. She and Randy were married on a beautiful day in August, at the Succop Nature Park in Butler.

All images courtesy of Kelsey Kradel Photography

When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one? 

After trying on several dresses, I was reaching a point of frustration with the entire dress thing. I looked everywhere - online, tiny boutiques, vintage, traditional salons (the worst!).  When I was in a boutique in LA, the owner mentioned a new dress shop she had heard great things Pittsburgh.  I booked an appointment immediately, since I was headed home for the holidays.  When my mom and I arrived at Erin's store, we immediately felt at ease, and I found a little hope that I actually might find a dress here!  I tried on 3 dresses, and as soon as I was zipped up in that beautiful Elizabeth Dye lace gown, I knew it was the one.  The fit was beautiful,and I loved the vintage look of the lace.  I felt gorgeous, and it just felt right.

What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it? 

We chose to do a first look, since we wanted a private first moment together.  I met Randy back in the woods, and he was facing away from me as I was walking towards him.  I teased him, since I knew he couldn't turn around.  When I finally reached him, Randy had a huge smile with tears in his eyes.  We were both pretty speechless at this point, so we just held each other's hand taking it all in.

Please tell us your favorite thing about Randy...

I love the way he makes me feel when we are together.  

Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?

We didn't really have any traditions in mind - since our wedding was "non-traditional".  But one thing we felt was important was a unity ceremony.  We didn't necessarily like any of the traditional unity ceremonies of sand or candles, as they didn't feel like "us".  Then Randy came up with a unity "pizza".  We both love pizza (who doesn't) - I make it from scratch for us regularly, for normal days, bad days, celebrations.  That is something we share on a regular basis, that we thought would tie in well to our ceremony, and to who we are.  We had the caterer make a personal pizza for us, and it was presented during the ceremony by the officiant.  The guests definitely got a kick out of watching us try to maneuver a pizza in a lace gown and nice suit.

Please describe the most memorable moment of the day. 

It all went so quickly and the entire day was special and very dear to us- but my dad walking me down the aisle and the exchange where he handed me to Randy was very powerful - I felt a transition, something I never felt before.  And during the ceremony - just looking at this incredible person looking back at me - and we are making this amazing commitment together - to be comrades, partners in crime until the end of time. I also enjoy remembering all our closest family and friends together and celebrating our best day ever!

Do you have any advice for future brides?

1. Compromise (with staying true to you as a couple and what you want).

2. Don't sweat the small stuff (even though you probably will, but have a glass of wine; it will help you get over it).

3. Most importantly: Be present on the wedding day - some things may not go as planned but roll with it - that's life. Remember what the true purpose of the day is, and what it's about; it's about you and your spouse/partner - it's about the commitment you are making to one another in front of your closest family and friends. How awesome is that?!