i had a realization last week: i really love it when guys come along for a bride's appointment. be it a fiancee, dad, son, grandfather, or good friend, men have a different voice of support that can be insanely helpful.

photo from a hitchburgh hullabaloo by kelsey kradel photography

photo from a hitchburgh hullabaloo by kelsey kradel photography

we ladies have just a little bit of trouble completely removing ourselves and our tastes when shopping with someone else. personal preferences, while openly acknowledged, come into play and things like, "it looks lovely on you; it's just not my style - but it's so you!" are said. it's only natural for us to see a beautiful dress on a friend or loved one and take a second in our minds to consider whether or not we would wear it! there's nothing hurtful in such things, but it's not exactly helpful, either.

the comments that men make are purely based on how the dress looks on you, and their understanding of your style.  they're not distracted by that tiny moment of imagining the dress on themselves (well... at least i don't think so - and if so, to each his own!). it's a really refreshing perspective, and one that's worth considering. to witness a dad's heart swell with love for his beautiful daughter; to hear a fiancee's pure, simple compliments; to see the son's approval via two thumbs up? priceless.

each couple feels differently about the traditions of keeping the dress secret from the groom, and i completely respect that (my husband decided that he did not want to know, while i would have been more than open to him seeing it before the wedding!). but talk about it - don't just assume that he wouldn't want to be a part of the process. consider including your dad or other important men in your life; you won't regret it, i promise!

and... not to toot my own horn, but a few of my male guests have commented on how comfortable they are in glitter & grit. win!