Tricia and her lively - but sweet - crew visited Glitter & Grit after a Steeler's game one wintery Sunday evening in January.... so it came as no surprise that her wedding was speckled with black and gold, and Terrible Towels made an appearance!  She and Chuck were married at the West End - Elliot Overlook Park, on what looked like an absolutely perfect day in August. Tricia chose a simple yet unique UPOPPY dress that fit her personality and really let her shine for her wedding day. 

all images courtesy of East End Photo House 
When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?
 For me, shopping for clothes is basically a nightmare. I was not looking forward to trying on dresses. Thankfully, I took the long way home from work one day and spotted Glitter & Grit out my window and new I'd find what I wanted there. When I tried on my dress, I knew it was the one I'd get married in because it made me feel perfect. For once I didn't feel self-conscious in what I was wearing, and it made me feel beautiful. I didn't have that tear-filled "This is the one!" moment that most people expect to have. Instead I felt calm, confident, and it just felt "right".
What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?
He looked pretty shocked, but in a good way. We had a nice moment together during our first look. He kept telling me how beautiful I looked all day.
Please tell us your favorite thing about Chuck...
My favorite thing about Chuck is that he is my exact opposite. He's very calm and understanding, never has a bad thing to say about anybody, and never complains. He loves me despite my obsession with conspiracy theories, my habit of throwing my pillows on the floor in the middle of the night and trying to steal his, my questionable taste in music, and my penchant for bringing home stray animals. He's also incredibly supportive and always tries to let me know that no matter how crazy an idea I have is, that he's 100% confident that I can pull it off.
Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?
Our wedding was very non-traditional. Our best friend officiated for us, and after we kissed and started walking down the aisle, we blasted Renegade by STYX while everyone waved custom-made terrible towels. For our meal we had a BBQ, and our DJ was a Spotify playlist that the entire wedding party collaborated on. We had a corn-hole tournament, and instead of tossing my bouquet I tossed a football.
Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.
The most memorable moment for me was during our pre-wedding photo shoot. We decided to park downtown and walk all the way to Heinz Field where our limo would pick us up to take us all to the venue. It was a pretty hot day so we were drinking lots and lots of water. By the time we got to our pick-up location, I had to use the restroom. Bad. Luckily I saw a security officer walking the perimeter of Heinz Feild and somehow convinced him to help me get into the stadium to use the bathroom. On my way out, the employees in the stadium at the time all started clapping and cheering me on. It was pretty great. I guess all it takes is a fancy dress and a smile to get you into a secure facility.
Do you have any special advice for future brides?
My advice to other brides would be to just let it happen. Plan as much as you can and accept help when it is offered. But on your wedding day, just throw your plans out the window and let the day unfold as it will. Be present. Have fun. Nothing else really matters.
it's no secret that i'm obsessed with stars... i mean, look around you - they're all over! i thought it would be a good place to start with the sharing and -hopefully- regular blogging. why the stars, you ask? they're the most romantic thing i know, and they have the power to make a person feel both grand and insignificant at the same time.

years ago, when we were just friends, my husband and i spent a night talking under the stars, about the stars, in the stars (in each others' eyes). that was the night i knew things were about to change between us.  later, when we weren't living in the same city, i'd look to the stars when i felt lonely and know that we were connected. sometimes, we'd talk on the phone, both outside, under the same stars and almost feel like we were together. romantic, i tell you!

but enough about me. without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, i present some glittery, glimmery inspirations:
wishing tree by simply mad weddings * ASHi studio gown via snippet & ink *  stars and capiz globe via ruffled
steven khalil gown via white magazine * starry night cake by countryside baking company via the knot
starry night tablescape via the frosted petticoat * brown-eyed girl dress by upoppy available at glitter & grit
love glitter via style me pretty * one-of-a-kind vivian jewelry set by vintage vixen available at glitter & grit
glitter branches via  the glitter guide * constellation crown by giant dwarf  * guilt mirror by koket
i love the idea of a wishing tree as an alternative to the traditional guest book! guests take an ornament home with them and in its place on the tree, leave the newlyweds a wish or blessing. what other creative alternatives to a guest book have you seen at weddings?