coming soon to glitter & grit: hand in hand sustainable soaps! i don't even know where to begin with HOW AMAZING this company is, and i am thrilled to be offering their products to you. why would a bridal shop carry soap, you ask? read on to find out!
photo via oh joy!
not only do these soaps have gorgeous packaging (designed by the amazing Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy) and beautiful, natural scents; there are so many little bonuses packed into that little bar, it makes my heart all aflutter:
  • when you buy one bar of hand in hand soap, they give one bar to those in need of better hygiene and cleaner water, through existing non-profit organizations that have the infrastructure in place to properly distribute their soap to those who need it most
  • for every bar of soap purchased, hand in hand donates one month of clean water to one person through their clean water program. they just "cut the ribbon" in june on their first well that will provide clean water to those who would otherwise not have access to clean water. this first well will provide clean water to over 240 families every single day.
  • 50 square feet of rainforest saved for every bar of soap sold.
  • Each bar of soap is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and contains ingredients ethically harvested from sustainable resources.
  • hand in hand soap is certified by fair trade usa, to be made with ingredients by workers and farmers who are justly compensated and treated fairly.
  • hand in hand does not test on animals, and all of their soaps are vegan. yay, cruelty-free!
  • green packaging and shipping: all soaps are packaged in 30% recycled materials. hand in hand purchases carbon offsets for each shipment, as a way to counterbalance or compensate for the greenhouse gases produced during shipment.
i think that's everything...

photo via oh joy!
so, where do you come in? couples have been giving hand in hand soaps as their wedding favors! what a wonderful way to thank your guests while doing good, right? as a part of hand in hand's wedding favor program, you will be able to purchase your hand in hand favors at wholesale price (just $5.50/bar!) through glitter & grit, and your order can either be shipped directly to you, or to the store for you to pick up. in just a few days, samples of the bars will be in-store for you to view - and smell! - before deciding which amazing scent and/or stunning packaging you choose for your favors. how kick-ass is this!?!
photos by jen fariello photography, via style me pretty


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