glitter & grit: reclaiming romance for the boldly engaged

reclaim {transitive verb} to rescue from an undesireable state; also: to restore to a previous natural state
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"what do you mean, 'reclaiming?"
"are these all vintage dresses?"
"are these, like, upcycled?"

...all valid questions, of which i'm hearing a lot. i guess glitter & grit's tagline is a bit confusing, and possibly misleading. in this wonderful world, we've come to associate the word "reclaim" with the upcycling and recycling of vintage and pre-loved wares. this is a fantastic thing; that the default association leads us to making the world a better, less wasteful place gives me great joy. there's hope for us humans yet!

however, i use the word "reclaiming" in a more literal sense. i want to reclaim romance from the wedding industry, from the people ~ and businesses ~ that tell us what romance looks like (weddings), how romance feels (chick flicks, romance novels), and what actions are necessary to display and experience romance (dating advice from any and almost every source)... we deserve better! we deserve to know that romance is what works for ourselves and our partners, period.

romance, and our society's impresion of it, has certainly reached an undesireable state. if your ideal date night is sitting at home, playing video games and snuggling with kitties, or hardcore mountain biking followed by a craft brewery tour, why are you still being told that dinner and a movie is where it's at? if you feel most attractive in jeans and a leather jacket, why are only cute little dresses and heels the "acceptable" first date ensemble? and, more relevantly here: the whole white dress, daddy giving you away, bouquet-tossing wedding? great, if that's your thing (truly). but if it's not? THAT'S OKAY. then don't do it. we've all grown up with the understanding that there's one way to do the wedding (including, of course, the opposite-sex spouse), and that's simply not the case. the only important thing about your wedding day is the union being made, and being shared with those you choose to share it with. everything else is optional - but, in my humble opinion, should be a true reflection of the people involved; not any sort of watered-down version of themselves, or what the wedding magazines/books/blogs tell them they need to be.

so. i challenge you: reclaim your romance! make it your own, bring it back to a desireable state!

i'm here to help. i'll support whatever represents you the most, and try hard to make sure that you love yourself as much as your spouse on your wedding day. and if you want to find the version of beautiful that makes you feel romantic? i just might have a new, non-vintage, made-just-for-you dress (and/or, hopefully someday, suit, etc. etc.) that fits your truest, brightest shining self.


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