because no one can really focus on work all day long, i've rounded up some mostly entertaining but occasionally thought-provoking, not ALL wedding-related links from around the interwebs for you, below. enjoy, and have a lovely weekend!

* I believe that loving the skin you're in is really important. Akirah Robinson talks about moving your body because it FEELS good. *

* Like birdcage veils? Here's how to wear one! *

* 31 Mantras to get through that Fear Of Missing Out, and stay focused. *

* Perfecting the cheese plate *

* Glitter & Grit dress-up night, as seen by Rachel Tokarski Photography *

* A glow in the dark temporary tattoo!*

* Everyone in Pittsburgh is talking about the Knit the Bridge project, but have you seen the time lapse video? So cool.*

* Some kick-ass online dating advice *

* Wish you could green your routine? These might be the perfect thing *

* Alpacas have the best haircuts *


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