i mean, really: with a name like schnoodelberry farm, do i really need to say anything else?

how about this:

okay, but really: this is a magical place, perfect for your smaller wedding, especially if you're an animal lover! i went a couple weeks ago to check it out and was treated to a surprise, freshly cooked breakfast that was DEEElish, and a lovely kiss from joe the llama. score! the owners, nada and fred, are laid-back and their home and grounds are both beautiful and well thought-out. schnoodleberry farm is also a bed & breakfast, so there is a room available for bride's accommodations the night before and for getting ready before your wedding.

keep reading for more photos and some info from nada.
when did you enter the wedding industry? what made you want to do so?
-We have been having family weddings at our farm for the past 20 years, but opened up to the public in 2012. We wanted to do this when we saw how much people enjoyed our family weddings. We also wanted to share the joy of our beautiful gardens and farm animals.

what was your most glittering moment in your business?
-We are most proud of the close relationship we have with everyone who has gotten married here as they have become like family and continue to keep in touch.

Schnoodleberry Farm by Gabrielle Halle Photography
photo by Gabrielle Halle Photography
what's your grit / what sets you apart?
-Schnoodleberry Farm is truly my dream. It is a one-of-a-kind place where the gardens and farm animals blend together as part of the environmental landscape. Where else can you get married where some of your witnesses are peacocks, turkeys, alpacas and butterflies.
Schnoodleberry Farm by Gabrielle Halle Photography
photo by Gabrielle Halle Photography
what is your favorite part of what you do?
-I love being part of such a personal and important part of someone's life and being able to share that day with them by helping to create their dream wedding.

please share a most memorable moment in your adventures in the industry.
-One couple who are planning a Spring 2014 wedding wanted goats in attendance and so the groom purchased goats as a Christmas gift for the bride and they are now living here at Schnoodleberry Farm.
Schnoodleberry Farm by Gabrielle Halle Photography
photo by Gabrielle Halle Photography
please describe your ideal client, i.e. who will love you?
-Schnoodleberry Farm's niche is for the client who is planning a small intimate wedding of 50 or fewer people (although we can accommodate up to 150). The ideal bride and groom would be excited about having farm animals such a llamas included in their wedding photos and the sounds of peacocks and chickens in the background of their wedding video. They would embrace all of this as part of a very elegant and sophisticated wedding celebration.
Schnoodleberry Farm by Gabrielle Halle Photography
photo by Gabrielle Halle Photography
gritty details:
established: 2012
price range: $1,000-$2,000
amenities / inclusions or options: Venue rental, parking accommodations and bride's overnight accommodations the night before
Location: North of Pittsburgh, 6 miles from Saxonburg and Butler, 13 miles from Cranberry
website: visit us on Facebook or WeddingWire.com
phone: 724-352-5828 (home) or 724-822-0500 (cell)
facebook: Schnoodleberry Farm



01/23/2014 5:02pm

Do the farm animals come with their own black tie attire?

01/24/2014 12:56pm

Hi Christina - yes, upon request, Nada is MORE than happy to dress up the animals! *swoon*

01/18/2015 5:26pm

What is the maximum occupancy for a ceremony/reception combination? I am in love with this farm, but my fiance has a large family and we need to be able to invite at least 150, probably more.

Glitter & Grit
01/21/2015 4:03pm

Hi Abagail - they can accommodate up to 150. Contact them directly for specifics!


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