This bride, this wedding... will always hold a special place in my heart. Keirstin and her mom came to Glitter & Grit just four days after I unofficially opened for business. They were both frustrated from prior shopping experiences and close to giving up on finding the wedding dress that was right for Keirstin. Truth be told, my heart sank a little as I realized how... almost beat down they seemed, and what a hard time they had been having; I wasn't sure that I could bring them back from there...

Keirstin might have been my first purchasing customer, but what was more fulfilling than that for me was turning her experience around. Hearing her vision for her wedding day, I knew Keirstin was in the right place; I couldn't have been more excited when she told me they were getting married at Stage AE, and she would love to find a dress with which she could wear her leather jacket. If you know me at all, you know I'm a complete sucker for a bride in leather! When they left the store, the smiles, gratitude, and happiness filled me up with joy. That was the moment I knew, without a doubt, that I was in the right place, doing the right thing.
Keirstin wore the Elizabeth by Nicole Miller (you MIGHT recognize the back!), with a custom sash by Camilla Christine, both from Glitter & Grit. Keep reading to hear more from the bride!

all photos are courtesy of Josh Mariana Photography
q. When you tried on your dress, how did you know it was the one?

Before coming to Glitter & Grit, I had gone to at least 4 or 5 more traditional, larger bridal shops.  They were pretty awful experiences!  Other than, "Not strapless!"  I was having a hard time articulating what I wanted in a dress.  When I tried on what would eventually become my dress, I knew it was the one because it was comfortable!  I loved the way the satin felt, and it accentuated all of my favorite parts about my body.  The back is so cool!  I could immediately picture myself both walking down the aisle and partying my ass off in this dress.  Plus, my mom started crying when I came out of the dressing room!
q. What was your groom's reaction to seeing you in it?

Rob's face said it all.  His smile was ear to ear, and his eyes were all sparkly.  Turns out they were tears!  Right after the ceremony, we had a brief minute to ourselves in the back room.  He made me step back so he could really soak it all in.  I loved that he wanted to do that!
q. Please share your favorite thing about Rob.

My favorite thing about Rob is his inquisitive nature.  He pays incredible attention to detail in everything he does.  Rob is always pushing himself to learn new things, and is able to talk to pretty much anybody about pretty much anything.  He's also hilarious, and quite romantic.  I love that combination of characteristics. It's what makes him a great fit for me.
q. Did you incorporate any traditions into your wedding?

Our wedding party was not-so-traditional.  Only our siblings stood by our sides during the reception - my brother on my side, and Rob's sister Christine on his. However, we still did incorporate quite a few traditions into the wedding. We both come from Irish heritage, so we asked out siblings to read an Irish blessing during the ceremony.  Also, for our return down the aisle we had our guests ring bells for good luck according to Irish tradition.  During the reception, we used my mother's heirloom champagne toasting glasses, which my great grandmother brought to America with her from Ireland.  
q. Please describe the most memorable moment of the day.

The whole day was so magical!  To choose one, I'd say stepping out of the backstage area to see the ceremony aisle and backdrop come together the way they did.  It was spectacular! Add on top of that the emotional tidal wave that hit me seeing all of our friends and family together in support of our love, as well as my favorite person in the world waiting for me... memorable moment, indeed!
q. Do you have any special advice for future brides?

Be genuine to your own style as a couple.  Choosing the venue was the biggest decision for us.  Stage AE really set the scene for the whole vibe of our wedding!


04/30/2014 12:48am

Hello girls,
I have just come across this beautiful page, and I too am wearing the Nicole Miller Elizabeth gown for my wedding in November. I must have looked in 3-4 stores asking for anything but strapless but found nothing I liked, Nicole Miller saved me. I am so glad I have seen a real bride in this dress, and now I more confident than ever I have chosen the right dress.
Thank you, Laura


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